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The IMAF has been organized to serve all US coastlines and waterways, in addition to other US territorial waters. The IMAF has registered to operate in all US territorial waters, and in waters that have an effect on US territorial waters.

The primary objectives of the IMAF include, but are not limited to Maritime Tactical Responder in times of crisis, disaster rescue, recovery & restoration during and after catastrophic events or natural disasters.


Another primary objective is preparedness for future events. Having logistic & strategic action plans to safeguard against losses in harbors, along coastlines, and island communities will vastly reduce shoreline damage and vessel loss.


Additional objectives range from general marine assistance, ecological repair & preservation, veteran support and homeless prevention.

The IMAF also works with America's youth and youth groups to enrich young lives and build respect for the marine environment, create interest for marine based occupations, and to cultivate responsibility and values.

Texas After Hurricane Harvey

IMAF is a subsiderary of Opiate Awareness Institute

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