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Citizenship is Service





IMAF provides Social Welfare services to the public located in and aroung the waterways, shorelines, and island communities of US international waters. The IMAF also operates within any waters that potentially have an effect on the United States territorial waters.


Our range of services are not restricted by protocols or classifications.

The IMAF provides maritime disaster relief,  disaster preparedness, logistic & strategic action plans to safeguard against losses in harbors, along coastlines, and island communities, in addition to veteran programs, youth development, homeless prevention programs, and more... all upon or around our country's national waterways.





The scope of IMAF's projects are limitless. The primary mission is to provide the best marine preparation & assistance possible, as challenging as it may become, while achieving the best outcome through commitment and fortitude.

IMAF's focus on vessel recovery and relief for the homeless are sister projects, as they support and give additional purpose to one another.


IMAF is at service to veterans and our nation's youth, bringing the two together to build a stronger American spirit, achieving positive goals for all of humanity, and conserving the environment.

The services of IMAF are brought to the public by Opiate Awareness Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization... in cooperation with the US government, NOAA, US GSA, private corporations, family foundations, and public volunteers and other financial contributions.

IMAF is forming affirmative action groups such as CRT, Games & Theory, Salvage & Recovery, PD Health & Welfare.

Divers, medics, tacticians, vets, mariners, and skills of all sorts needed and encouraged to join.

To volunteer for service with IMAF, become a member of IMAF, or to offer a contribution to IMAF, please use the  "Join IMAF" link.



The International Marine Aid Foundation (IMAF) is the offspring of Opiate Awareness Institute's (OAI) Marine Research, Rescue & Recovery (MRRR) division. The IMAF, organized as an independent organization, will shoulder the responsibilities of MRRR's post disaster relief projects for those affected by disasters on or near America's waterways, coastlines, territorial islands, or waters that have an effect on our nation's marine environment.

The IMAF is also committed to preservation of the natural marine ecology of American waters. IMAF's vessel & marine debris recovery projects are focused on that objective, while our vessel rescue efforts target vessels to be assigned or returned to homeless veterans and mariners.

Additionally, IMAF is concerned with pets and other animals left in disaster areas. The IMAF has future plans to provide for their shelter prior to forewarned disasters, and to provide temporary shelters after natural disasters. Existing pet shelters, and citizens with sufficient land or building resources are encouraged to contact us for planning and arrangements. 

IMAF's human, mechanical & technical resources are all provided by volunteers, donations, government subsidies, and various contributions of trades and professions. Specific requests or suggestions are always welcome.

Volunteers along America's waterways, shorelines & territorial waters are encouraged to contact us.



International Marine Aid Foundation
1430 Gadsden Hwy
Suite 116-548
Birmingham, AL 35235


(205) 440-3177

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